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The Kirche 2007 – Charles Melton

It’s not easy writing a wine review whilst watching Puberty Blues.  There’s a distinct conflict going on in my head.  One side of the brain is trying to concentrate on the wine, and the other – more juvenile – side is far too distracted from serious writing.

If you’re not Australian – Puberty Blues is a side-splitter of laugh-a-minute memories – from Apricot Chicken in Crock Pots to Baby Doll PJ’s and all the crochet bikinis, Sandman panel-vans and ‘You’re dropped!‘ crackers in between.  God bless the 70’s – the last teenage generation to know fun, political incorrectness and a diet rich in Pluto Pups and Redskins.

Nothing to do with wine. Particularly this one, I know. But if you understand my obsession with this series, you’re old enough to know a fine wine when you taste it.  So, here’s one you don’t want to miss out on.

I’ve always been a fan of Charles Melton’s wines.  Ever since I aged a bottle of his Rose of Virginia for seven years to test the theory that you can’t age rose.  Wasn’t that surprising …

The inspiration for this wine probably comes from the former Zum Kripplein Christi Lutheran Church on Krondorf Road, a stone’s throw from Tanunda – which  has been turned into a guest house by the Meltons.  From what I see on their website, it looks like a piece of heaven on earth. Gone are the hardwood pews, replaced by soft queen and king-sized beds draped in 1000 count cotton sheets.  Instead of just breaking bread, there are ‘welcome’ cheese platters and gourmet breakfast provisions.  But I’m willing to bet there’s an abundance of wine around to induce that spiritual feeling.

As for this particular gem from the Melton lineup – This sumptuous Shiraz glistens in deep papal scarlet, and offers gifts of vanilla, liquorice and spice, if not gold, frankincense and myrrh. Juicy flavours slide across your palate in waves, like the watered silkiness of the pope’s choir cassock.  Blackberries, plums, a touch of tar and spicy oak commune with smooth, round tannins.  (I think I’ve used enough corny catholic metaphors here, so I’ll refrain from using the papal belly as an indicator of the roundness of the tannins …)

Yep, another Charles Melton classic.  My apologies to him for crucifying this review with religious puns.

Strangely, I don’t see this wine listed on the Meltons’ website.  So perhaps they aren’t making it anymore. Pity. Some sites out there stocking it recommend drinking to 2013, but my recommendation is get some and drink it now, while it appears to be at its best!  Heaven can wait

 (Sorry, couldn’t resist that last pun … it’s the 70’s frivolous influence …)

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