“I am a drinker with writing problems” *

Debra-Jayne Kimlin, B.WineMktgPeople who really understand good wine are conscious that wine is unlike any other beverage. You can’t just whip up another batch once a vintage has depleted! Vignerons get one chance, once a year to grow a finite number of grapes to make a limited quantity of wine. When it’s gone – it’s gone!

That’s why people invest small fortunes [sometimes large] on collecting wines, and why it is so interesting to study.


I’ve been studying, drinking, following and loving wine for a long time.

After completing my B.WineMktg at the University of Adelaide [formerly ‘Roseworthy’ – for those of earlier vintages] in 2004, I set off travelling the globe, visiting wine regions, photographing vines and writing for my a hobby website – which I am now converting into a blog.  [cheaper than paying hosting plans!]

These days, I am back in Melbourne, Australia – where, after working in an assortment of wine marketing roles from retail to online account management, I have left mainstream wine work to focus on teaching English as a second language online.  I know.  It’s a monumental shift in terms of career.  However, there’s still a mountain of photo’s and visits to wine regions still waiting to come out of the mothballs of my shorthanded notebooks and get written up!

So – welcome to my wine blog.  I’ll be writing about wines I am drinking, information about places I have visited, and educational stuff about wine that you might like to learn as well.

There’s a plethora of wines out there, just waiting for me to try, and many stories to tell about the wonderful world of wine.  Come back and share them all with me sometime.


Debra-Jayne Kimlin, B.WineMktg

*  [Brendon Behan,  Irish poet, short story writer, novelist, and playwright, 1923-1964]


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