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2010 Bodegas Mas Alta Priorat Els Pics

Els_Pics_Bodegas_Mas_AltaPriorat is a Denominación de Origen Calificada (in Spanish … Denominació d’Origen Qualificada if you’re Catalan …) found in south west Catalonia. Priorat soils contain a combination of black slate and mica, called “llicorella”, and this, in conjunction with some very old Garnacha (Grenache) vines planted on steep slopes, manage to produce pretty spectacular wines from what some say is a pretty wishy-washy grape..

I hardly had the cork (YAY!!! CORK!!!) out of the bottle on this one, and the outstanding bouquet of cherries and floral aromas filled the room. I had to swirl quite vigorously in my giant red glass to dissipate the headiness. I knew then I was in for a treat.

At around $AUD20 a bottle for a Spanish red, I expect something good.  This beautiful Grenache blend is as lively as a spring chicken.  Hard to believe it is four vintages old – but then I am comparing this with a cheap local red in that price bracket, which I wouldn’t expect to impress me much.  In reality, Priorat Grenache is dark, bold and brooding, and really takes a bit of time to settle in.

Fresh, succulent raspberries and aniseed, with quite heavy sweetness for a dry red.  Reminiscent of dried figs. One might expect they would have balanced the sweetness with a little more acidity, but to my palate, it works.  There’s a lovely anise finish that lingers on to dryness, leaving the tongue yearning for another mouthful to cool down the spices.

Magic.  Accompanied my other half’s spag bog beautifully.  Even carried on well with the after-dinner turkish delight mini Easter eggs.  Yeah, unbelievably, I haven’t scoffed them all yet …

Thanks again to Nick’s Wine Merchants in Doncaster, Melbourne. As I’ve said before, it’s worth the trip out to stock up.  Winter is just a hop,skip and a jump away.  I promise you’ll enjoy this one by the fire.

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